Wind turbines are the source of renevable energy from Dipol - Danzig company
Wind turbine - green energy Renevable energy from wind turbines


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Wind park Gnieżdżewo 11x2MW

The wind farma on groung of Puck commune is the four’th this type object in Poland. Company DIPOL did all the research and administration works required by Polish law, namely:

Begun in April 2006 building permit were finished in December and on 10th of January 2007 DIPOL sp. z o.o. as company dependent of joint stock company – Polish Energy Partners S.A. received the licence to product energy from renewable source.

Gniezdzewo near Puck Wind park - building stage Wind turbines near Puck bay

Wind park Suwałki 42MW

The next project of target power 42 MW have been realization since September 2004 in Suwałki and Jeleniewo municipality, province Podlaskie, where all administracion and research works have been done. After resolved Local Development Plan by Commune Councils in May 2006, fulfilled all of projects and coordination works making possible obtainment building permission for advisable company E.W.G. sp. z o.o.

Suwalki wind park - project Suwalki Met mast


Wind Park Nowy Staw I

In 2012 has started the realization of project Nowy Staw I - 22 wind turbines of power 2,05 MW each. The project has been realized in pomorskie province, community Nowy Staw. Wind farm Nowy Staw by its location was a big challenge for our company. To allow the output such a big amount of electricity it was necessary to design a 20km 110kV power line to GPZ Malbork Rakowiec.

In 2013 the project has been finished and existed wind turbines produce clean and green electric energy.


In preparation are next 6 projects with power capacity of 310MW.

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